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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Drew's kitty cat 1st birthday

We celebrated my daughter's 1st birthday party last weekend. I always start my party planning with a theme. Picking Drew's theme was an easy one. We have 3 kitties (Trina, Maggie, & Pemberley), and Drew just loves her furry girlfriends.

I started with custom invitations done by Kerri seen here. When I was planning, I wanted to make sure to stay away from anything literal cat-like. There are plenty pictures...I hope you enjoy!

The entry way had our photo booth (more below) to the left and giant balloons from Shop Sweet Lulu.

Here is the birthday girl, my Drew Elizabeth.

We made two stations for the kids - Collars and Tails. I made collars out of ribbon, velcro, bells, and cat charms. I also pre-made charms of the initials of the kids who were coming. I made the sign out of wood, hooks and a little Ikea shelf. The kids were able to pick out the collar they liked.

The cat tail station was a lot of fun for the kids. I simply got boas and cut them into various lengths. On the shelf, I had safety pins set out for the parents to attach the tails to outfits. I was so happy that even the boys took part in the kitty cat tails.

Here is Drew with her little tabby cat tail and collar!

What would a kitty cat party be without yarn? I couldn't get enough of these cute and colorful handmade poms. I strung them everywhere I could. It was a great way to bring in color to the party. I assure you that our cats had a great time "helping" me hang these!

Over our kitchen island is where I created a yarn ball "chandelier". I incorporated all the colors from the pom garlands. This project took A TON of yarn, but I was so happy with how it turned out. Now you all know what I've been doing with every second of my free time for the last 3 months!!!

In the kitchen I hung pictures of Drew every month so people could see how she'd grown! I used the baby month cards seen here.

On to the good stuff, the food! Here is a view of the kitchen and main food area.

Also on the menu for the kittens was Mouse-caroni 'n Cheese and String Cheese.

I made "scratching posts" as my sign holders. These were so simple with just a few items from Michael's and wire. Every detail was thought out....I'm sure half (okay 90%) of my guests didn't even notice, but yep, those are cat dishes with Chex mix (to look like food) and goldfish crackers. I used little cups (moms will appreciate that) from Shop Sweet Lulu.

Wouldn't be a cat party without tuna, right?

These custom labels were so fun and tied in great with my favors (keep reading). They are from fellow Etsy seller Chickabug.

On to the desserts....

Here's my toy mouse chandelier!

Another great Etsy seller, Sugar And Flour worked with me to make these adorable (and delicious) kitty cookies!

White cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting. Yum. Topped with Lucky Charm-ish marshmallows from Bake It Pretty. The mini cupcake liners are also from Shop Sweet Lulu.

What would a kitty cat party be without bird's nest cookies? Those are vanilla Jelly Belly's in the middle.

Chocolate dipped and nonpareils adorned Oreos!

I made a chocolate mousse with homemade whipped cream in these adorable miniature dessert cups. I was SO glad I had leftovers of these!

I also made strawberry shortcake, with angel food cake, strawberry puree, vanilla pudding and homemade whipped cream. So simple, colorful and delish!

I literally never saw my son during the party because he was so busy jumping in the bouncie! Here he is with his pal Mason having a great time.

A few more details. A catnip plant (which my cats have gotten full use out of) with a bowl of Chex mix and another dish full of gummy cats.

There has to be flowers! Here are some simple mini gerbera daisies in what else, but a cat treat container!?!?

Some of you may remember the "Outhouse" sign we made for Micah's Camping 1st birthday, which you can see here. I wanted to do something again to point our guests to the bathroom. Simple and not gross!

Here is the birthday girl while we are singing to her. She's not quite sure what is going on, but I love that you can see her little kitty tail over the edge of her booster seat.

Micah decided to help blow out Drew's candle, which he successfully did without spitting all over her cake!

Here is a picture of the photo backdrop that I made. My dad did the pvc pipe frame for me, and I adorned with fabric, cat toys and of course, my yarn poms!

We had plenty of accessories. I made blank signs for guest to write on, as well as pre-made signs. I made kitty ears and bought some other props.

My Mr. Micah, with his kitty ears. I can't believe I got him to sit still long enough for this picture! I guess he needed a break from all the bouncing!

The little favors were so fun. I got the mini sized bags with my favorite zigzag print from Shop Sweet Lulu (yes, that shop is adorable and I'm obsessed). I got the custom labels from Tiny Prints.

The treat bags had what else, but Kit Kats, Trader Joe's cat cookies, and a good 'ole lollipop. Hopefully all my friends weren't too mad at me for all the sugar!

Lastly, here is Drew opening some presents after everyone had gone and she had her nap. She was so excited (obviously) and got some great new outfits and toys!

I hope you enjoyed our purrrfect day. I had so much fun planning this one! Now on to planning Micah's 3rd!!!!

If you have any questions for sources I didn't mention, please feel free to email me or leave a comment!


ejm0821 said...

I'm here from Ohdeedoh... just wanted to let you know how much I loved looking at the pics from this party! All the little details are so creative and cute, fantastic job!

Anonymous said...

This is incredible! What an adorable and very lucky little girl to have such an amazing party! I will definitely be using some of your ideas for my very own party. Thank you for sharing!

Karinakd said...

I love the party!! Beautiful and so creative. Where did you buy the boas that you used for the tails and the charms you used for the colars?

cutiefruit21 said...

I am also curious where you got the charms from? I want to to do this for my daughters party!!!!

Anonymous said...

Adorable! We are doing a cat themed party for our daughter. I was wondering if you have a template for the photo booth props that you could share. My email is

thank you for sharing. i have ben trying to come up with creative ways to add to the theme. your post did just that!

sincerely Heidi

Alyssa said...

I'm also curious where you where you got the charms and boas? I'm wanting to do a kitty themed party for my daughter's 2nd birthday. Thank you!

Shane R. said...

I love the scratching post food card holders! I hope you don't mind if I use that idea at a cat party I'm throwing soon. They are so cute!

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