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Saturday, January 24, 2009


Order your Valentine's Day flowers for your special someone today! We are offering 4 unique arrangements or we will be taking custom orders.

We will deliver the flowers on Friday, February 13th or Valentine's Day, which is Saturday, February 14th. There will be a $15 delivery fee added to each order.

Please place your order by emailing us at by indicating which arrangement you want to order (see below), date of delivery including address, who it is going to and a message for the enclosure card.

The Diva - $75

This bouquet is perfect for your non-traditional Valentine! It includes a black ceramic vase with dahlias, roses, anemones, tulips, and monkey tail. This bouquet can come in red, hot pink, or white...please specify when ordering.

The Fashionista - $100

This bouquet is definitely for your style loving Valentine! This arrangement sits in a 5x5 glass vase covered with a black and white damask print fabric (removable). Inside sits a mix or tulips and roses. Bouquet can be done with red, hot pink, or white flowers...please specify when ordering.

The Sweetheart - $100

This arrangement is perfect for your sweetheart! It sits in a large cylindrical high quality glass vase. It is wrapped in lace (can be removed) and tied with a ribbon. This arrangement includes 10 large hydrangeas and greenery. This bouquet will surely last upwards of 2 weeks if kept in fresh water. Hydrangea can come in white, pink, or antique green, or lime green...please specify when ordering.

The Lucky Girl - $150+

This arrangement is an elegant spin on your traditional rose arrangement for V-Day. This bouquet sits in a large, high quality square glass vase that will surely be re-used! In this arrangement, there are two dozen long-stem, Ecuadorian white roses. Roses can come in any color you desire. The roses are accented with fragrant eucalyptus leaves and filler baby's breath here! Please specify which color roses and whether you would like 1 dozen, 2 dozen and up!

Please email us by February 4th to place your order. Contact us with any questions! We welcome custom orders as well!
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