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Monday, July 25, 2011

The Children's Museum

We recently had a vacation. Well, let me re-phrase...daycare had a vacation, we had a stay-cation here in San Diego with our kids. Since our kiddos are still pretty young, we opted not to push it and go anywhere. That's not a bad thing, there is SO much to do in San Diego with kids.

We decided to try the Children's Museum downtown for the first time. I was so impressed with everything I saw...there was a bit of "eye candy" and inspiration in every room we encountered. I can't imagine what it was like seeing everything through my children's eyes.

First up was this amazing macrame...well, I'll just call it a macrame chandelier. I loved all the hanging string and dragon/snake looking "things". I'm so technical, aren't I? All you artists right now are cringing I bet!

This was a view from the bottom looking up at it. From the bottom you could tell the white piece looked more like a ghost. Since I'm knee deep in crafting craziness for Drew's party, this really gave me inspiration. I have yarn coming out my ears (kitty cat theme)! If you look up to the stairs, you can see several paper mache animal "heads". The museum is so on-trend!

It was a great surprise to learn that it was finger-painting Friday, which I knew Micah would love. Micah had never painted with his hands before. We have always used a brush, so he was a little unsure at first. He got more and more comfortable and had a great time!

Here I am with the kiddos...I had to have a picture in front of this amazing wall. I wanted to get behind the camera and get some great kid shots, but it was super hot and chances of getting either one of them to hold still with so much going on was going to be near impossible.

I loved this...they had a whole section devoted to chalkboards. It was like a huge graffiti wall done by kids. This was also on the bottom floor looking up. It was like a huge wrought iron fence, but it was made out of cardboard. It was quite stunning in person.

Here's a close up of the "fence" and my girly girl.

I don't know what this is or what to call it, but I love it.

Here is a picture of the rock climbing wall/room. I loved the swirls of paint. Again, I tried to get a cool shot of my kids in front of this wall, but no such luck.

Micah jumped right on to the wall, like he's done it a hundred times big deal. Drew tried.

There was a huge table just full of wood blocks. I'm pretty sure Micah could have stayed there all day. Stacking and falling, stacking and falling, and on and on. I have to admit, my hubs and I looked at each other several times thinking the same thing....where are the anti-bacterial wipes?

Lastly, there was a whole bubble play area outside that also could have kept my kids busy for days. But, we were all getting hungry and quite hot, so we only stayed out here for awhile. Micah looks a little grumpy here, but trust me, he was having a blast. He was more annoyed that I was sticking the camera in his face and saying, "cheese" & "look at mommy" for the millionth time!
For $10 a person, this was definitely worth it. I can't wait to go back and I'm sure the kids feel the same way. What a great way to end our great week with the kids!

Friday, July 15, 2011

Dye Dipped Flower Pots

Obsessing over this post at Design*Sponge today! I love creative ways to re-invent table arrangements. This definitely sounds like a project in my near future! What a cute idea for an Easter table, huh?

Look how cool each pot looks...each a little different, but giving off a chic tie-dye look. Who knew? They used natural materials as their dye...I'm thinking that seems a little too much for me, so I'll be going the store-bought dye route. For the full post of instructions go here.

This reminds me of the amazing fabric posted on one of my favorite blogs, Coco + Kelley a few weeks ago seen here and here.

More fabrics like this amazing one can be found at Thai Silks. You have been warned...there is amazing fabric at this shop...I've got about 6 prints I have my eyes on!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! If anyone has done any recent tie-dye projects, email me!

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drew's birthday invite

The invites have finally been put in the mail. It's a kitty cat party! I have been hard at work getting everything ready for the party....lots and lots of projects! It has been so much fun and can't wait to share all the details with you!

Cali Mac Ink did a fabulous job on the invites, don't you think? If you have any custom invite, stationary, or graphic design needs, I highly recommend working with Keri! Contact her at

Happy Friday-Eve!
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