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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Cake Book

Hi all!  I have some fun and exciting news to share.  Awhile back, the ladies over at CAKE let me know that some of their cakes were going to be published in a book...the author contacted me for my information and then a lot of time went by with no word, and I honestly forgot about it!  But just this week we learned that the book was just published! 

The cake that I had at my baby shower for Drew is featured in the book! I worked with Kimberly on the design of the cake and I loved the way it turned out! Click here to see the post from my baby shower.

I haven't ordered my copy yet, but I can't wait to see it!  P.S. if you're in San Diego, the ladies at CAKE are fabulous...weddings, birthday, celebrations...and they even have a bakery now!  I always get the banana truffle cake, but they are all amazing! 

Friday, May 4, 2012

Our trip to Charleston

Our trip to Charleston started out with my first time flying first class.  It was ah-mazing and such a relaxing way to fly across country!  I watched "We Bought A Zoo" which was cute but cheesy.  Can't go wrong looking at Matt Damon for 2 hours though!  The little girl in the movie reminded me so much of my little Drew.  I saw in the credits her name is Maggie Elizabeth Jones....too funny! 

Here we are at the rehearsal dinner on Saturday night.  It was at Rue de Jean in downtown Charleston.  This was the first night we got to see everyone.
My girls Amy and Stacey at the rehearsal dinner.  Seven kids and two sets of twins between us.  Sexy mamas! 
Charleston had some really fun shopping.  King Street is the main drag downtown that had a lot of great boutiques, antique stores, great restaurants, and some high-end shops.  I found these Staffordshire dogs at a huge antique sale and decided to take them home with me!

We also walked through a huge market area that is similar to our farmer's markets out here.  This was my favorite booth filled full of beautiful butterflies.  I picked up one for Drew's room.

On Sunday, Jason and I decided to do a historical carriage ride tour of downtown.  It was really informative and the weather was perfect.  We saw a lot of churches and I just loved this one's unique gate with the red door!

I would just die if I lived in a pink house with black shutters!  I tried to talk Jason into buying a second home here in the south!  When we heard that there is a similar house on the market for $24 million, he just rolled his eyes at me. 

Here is the waterfront.  The homes across the street were just amazing. 

Ahh, the black shutters again.  Look at the design around the door and the ivy growing on the steps.  So charming!

I am just being silly here.  We stopped in this hat store and tried on a bunch of huge hats.  This one was $200!  Yowza.

Here was my buddy Max.  Isn't he handsome?

Me and Jason on the carriage ride.  So relaxed!
We went to a Gospel Brunch and here was my first ever taste of grits. Can't say I'm a huge fan, but maybe if you added about two cups of cheese on there!
Congratulations Clay & Britt!  Such a beautiful ceremony.  I loved the bridesmaids dresses...every shade of teal and blue.  Flowers were simple white bouquets of peonies, roses, and dahlias.  So pretty!

The wedding cake!  Loved the rosettes!

The reception was at an old Rice Mill.  It was such a beautiful wedding and reception site!  I must tell you they had a mac 'n cheese bar for dinner.  I did mine up with truffle oi and bacon!  "When in Rome"!!!

Oh how I loved my Anthropologie dress.  It was the most comfortable dress I've ever worn AND it had pockets (which I discovered half way through the evening)!
Stacey and Amy both had ridiculously awesome necklaces on.  I was feeling a little left out!  Smile.
Charleston sunset at the reception.

Here are all the boys, aka "The Tappers".  Yes, they named themselves that in High School.  There have seven weddings out of this group....3 more to go! 
Stacey and I being silly at the reception.  I think I ate about 100 Charleston Chews that they had laying around everywhere.
Well, that's all she wrote on our trip.  It was such a great time to get away and see good friends.  We wished we could have had one extra day to explore!  If you've never been, I highly recommend going to Charleston!
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