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Monday, April 8, 2013

New Prints for Kid's Rooms

Sorry for the delay in posts to all my followers!  Since December, we lost A LOT of photos from iPhoto and then my phone was destroyed, so I've had a few "technical difficulties" of late.

I'm excited to share our newest prints to the Etsy shop!  We have a girl version, "Butterflies" and a boy version, "Dragons".   Both are 12x18 and make an adorable and unique baby shower gift, birthday present, or just an addition to your little one's room. 

 How cute would these be in twins room?

Both prints can be found in my Etsy shop Daisy Dreaming.  We have 12 colors to choose from or we're happy to do a custom color.  Thanks for stopping by!

Thursday, April 4, 2013


Happy Easter!  We had a wonderful weekend full of Easter activities!  First up was French Toast Bites....thanks Pinterest!  Check out the recipe on my Breakfast board! Follow Me here!

Last year was the first time we "planted" jelly beans and woke up the next morning to see if the lollipops had grown.  Well, Micah distinctly remembered that, so we did it again.  They were just as excited the second time around!

I love doing the kid's baskets.  I focused less on candy and more on books this year.  However, the books were looked over quickly as Micah went immediately for his Power Ranger toy and Drew snagged her Jellycat Doggie.  They were two happy kiddos! 

No pictures of my Easter dinner table (darn it!).  Check out this post to see last year's table.  I used my new Threshold gold & cream feather placemats that I got on clearance at Target.  We had ham, au gratin potatoes, baked beans, and for dessert, I made chocolate eclairs....heaven!   Hope you all had a wonderful day too!
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