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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Easter! We had such a busy (and fun) time! Saturday was errand day and just hanging out as a family.

I decided to make some cookies for Easter...Micah was the first to try the finished cookies and said, "I'm a mess"!

Drew's first swimsuit arrived in the mail on Friday, so we had to try it on...check out these thighs!!
On Sunday, after a sunrise service on the beach, we went to breakfast then on a whim, decided to head down to the zoo. It was so much fun!

We saved the egg hunt for after nap time, which it ended up misting and being super cold (by San Diego standards anyway), so it was a rushed hunt. Micah wasn't all that interested...maybe next year!
Drew had fun playing with the carrot-egg with jelly was like a homemade rattle! For those of you who read my post about Easter last year (check it out here), you know I was looking forward to Drew's first poem from my mom. Well, we got two!

To our little, doll baby, Dewey...
You make us laugh and we go ha ha,

You make us sing and we go la la,

You cry when you see us and we feel ___ ___

If you didn't figure it out, Drew's first Easter gift was a Blabla doll! How cute is that? Drew loved her new doll instantly! Here was the second one...

To our sweet little cupcake, Drewey...
Well, our eyes have twinkles,
And your thighs have wrinkles,
But you'll have funsie in your onesie from Sprinkles!

My mom said that she is now officially retired with the poems...I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that she comes out of retirement next year!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Chic & Cheap Nursery Feature

On Monday, Chic & Cheap Nursery featured Drew's room! Check it out here!

Chic & Cheap Nursery is an interior design blog dedicated to providing design advice and inspiration for new and expectant parents. Nicole also offers online interior design...please contact her if you're interested!

Here are some fun new more detailed shots of Drew's room that I'm happy to share with you all! I had to start off with a picture of the little lady herself...


Monday, April 18, 2011

Amanda & Jason's wedding

One of my favorite weddings that I got to be a part of was Amanda & Jason's wedding that took place at Calumet Park in La Jolla.

Isn't Amanda's necklace gorgeous? It was a chunky sea glass necklace (and matching bracelet) from Villa Moda that went perfectly with a beach wedding. She wore a simple Nicole Miller, with beautiful button detail all down the back.

How cool is that aisle runner? Amanda's mom made it and the kelly green really popped off the grass. It was such a fun touch. Amanda's bouquet goes down in history as my favorite. ever. Green cymidium orchids accented by feverfew, lady's mantle, and baby eucalyptus. This bouquet was a perfect representation of what Amanda wanted...a Wisconsin girl + a California guy = beachy, modern & romantic wedding.

Each of the bridesmaids were given the same fabric, but where allowed total creative freedom to make their dress their own. We did super simple and elegant white calla lily bouquets.

The reception was at Old Venice in Point Loma. We kept the decor very simple, clean, and modern. Each table had the green cymidium stems and the spider mums. The third vase we alternated vibrant colors at each tables, like the pink mini callas pictured above. We floated these cymbidium heads in water in square vases all over the the bar, cake table, etc.

All photos courtesy of Suzanne Hansen of SheWanders. Check our her amazing work here.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

DIY window box cornices

Check out this post from Ohdeedoh today entitled, "What a difference a Curtain Makes". There are many examples of different kinds of window treatments, including box cornices, like I made for Drew's room, which they feature here.

This truly was a super easy project that anyone can do. The great thing is that when you get tired of the fabric, you simple just need to take out the pins and replace with new fabric.

1. Buy a sheet of foam board from Home Depot

2. Carefully measure then cut the foam (tip...this is it outside and NOT on the carpet! I think I'm still vacumming up particles)

3. Glue the end pieces on and then to make sure they are extra secure, add some sturdy T-pins

4. Cut the fabric and batting in large pieces, then carefully fold and pin around the foam

5. They are light as a feather and hang very easily.

I'm thinking of doing the same thing in our Bonus room, which really is play land for the kids. There isn't enough time in the world for me to do all the projects floating around in my head!

Monday, April 11, 2011

My mantle & Craigslist projects

Inspired by Nicole over at Me Oh My (she has such fab taste...I want to copy her entire home - check out her blog if you've never seen it), I loved her chevron print over her mantle. Since I have a newly found love for painting, this seemed like a project right up my ally! Check out how it turned out:

Yes, it took forever.

In the same room, this is my $20 mirror from Craigslist that I painted white. It sits on the same wall as the chevron print, on the other side of our media center. It's a perfect spot for this fun mirror.

This console table was also a Craigslist find for only $25. It was brass, but I was really attracted to the shape. I got some steel wool and spray paint, and wah-lah! This entry wall isn't done with it's facelift yet. I have some raspberry printed wallpaper on its way. I think it will look really great in this little "nook".
Those retro lamps I got for $20 (for the pair). They were Pepto pink, but in great condition. There is a little light at the bottom that illuminates through the fabric on the bottom (like a nightlight) on the first switch. I'm not sure what I'll do with the shades yet. My dining chairs that are being re-upholstered as we speak are cream, so this may come together nicely.

The sideboard was also a CL steal for $100. It's a nice piece of furniture. It will be the last thing a re-do in that room. Since my color scheme are blues, I was thinking a light gray, with white accents, but I'm not sure yet. Lastly, that's a painting that I'm working on right now.

Hope everyone had a lovely Monday!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Made By Girl LOVE!

Happy Friday! I am so stinkin' excited to share with you that some new pictures of Drew's room was posted by the ever-so-talented Jen Ramos at MadeByGirl today. Check out the post here

image via Made By Girl

There's little miss Drew, hanging with all her pals, including her new kitty blabla doll.

I had recently got the bug to start updating Drew's room a bit. I felt that the walls were still a little bare, so I got some great new pieces that I think really make her room look even better.

Above Drew's crib I added the famous LOVE picture from MadeByGirl. Please check out her shop here.

I moved my squirrel lady print from Berkley Illustration over her crib as well. I just love this squirrel print too much...I wanted to look at it more often! I also added the adorable "You are my sunshine" print from Jessica Shift. Check out her shop here. Lastly, I saw this fabric from Hawthorne Threads (where I get all my fabric) and just knew it had a place in Drew's room. I wrapped a small canvas and put it up. I love how it coordinates with the wallpaper giraffe.

As soon as I saw this print from Gus & Lula on Etsy, I knew I had to have it. I love all the different colors in it, which goes perfectly in Drew's room.

Here's a new shot of Drew's bookcase. Did you see the adorable mini telephone? It's pink polka-dots from PB actually works! I can just imagine Drew talking on it when she's older. Hilarious. I've also added an adorable watercolor card rendering of Darcy and Elizabeth that I got here. I'm still trying to find the right place for it. The mustard colored doile art I did.

For those of you who have been asking, our Etsy shop is not open yet. Still trying to create enough stock of the handmade wire doll beds. We'll have different colors and a few other items coming soon. I'll be sure to post when they are available!

If you have any questions about anything else in Drew's room, check out my blog post here. Also, if your a Facebooker, become a fan!!!! The re-design of Daisy Dreaming is coming very soon...sit tight! I can't wait to share with you all the new and exciting things happening!

Thanks again, Jen! Can't wait to see your new Cocoa & Hearts store!


Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Easter Time, already???

Is it just me or is 2011 flying by? Easter was always one of my favorite holidays growing up. My mom is a super-talented writer and every year, we would get poems or riddles in our eggs that we had to solve in order to get our present! She retired the poems many years ago, but as a special request, I asked if Micah coulg get his first poem last year. Here it is:
CONUNDRUM FOR MICAH JAMESON: To be attempted by his father...

Will you be a Bronco or a Charger fan?

That is the question for you, little man!

Maybe to be safe, just answer "I don't know",

Or be a half-breed...a Bronc-er or a Charge-o!

Whatever the case, be wise as a fox,

But for now, we'll let you walk in your Boulder ________!
For those of you who couldn't figure it out (it's okay, Jason didn't get it either), the answer was Crocs! Isn't my mom talented? I keep telling her she needs to write a children's book one day. I can't wait to see what Drew's first poem will be this year (that is a hint, mother, if you're reading...)! Last year, we went to a sunrise Easter service on the beach...gotta love San Diego! It was beautiful and Micah had lots of fun digging in the sand. We had my family over for an early Easter dinner. Spring is an amazing time at the floral trade center. My brain goes into over-drive. In general, pastels aren't my cup of tea, but I really had fun with this palate. Check out the table... I used two varieties of tulips, anemones, ranunculus, sweet peas, and feverfew. It smelled amazing! I had some leftover fabric laying around that I turned into placemats and tied the napkins with the scraps. It was a very easy project that you could easily use wrapping paper or even wallpaper. The china is from my grandma's wedding! I also used little doilies as a runner. Feverfew is one of my all-time favorite flowers. Who doesn't like mini daisies? Anything miniature is cuter anyway. They remind of one of my favorite scenes from Emma, when she realizes she loves Mr. Knightly. Gwenyth is picking daisies in the field waiting for his return. When she gets he-loves-me-not, she calls them "a drab little flower". I was really into baking and decorating cupcakes last year. I made these Easter basket cupcakes for everyone to take home. I found the idea on Bakerella's website. Aren't they cute? I'm not sure what my decor will be this year. Heck, I don't even have a dining table right now...better get on that! Anyone have any ideas they want to share for their Easter table?

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