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Monday, April 25, 2011

Our weekend

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend and Easter! We had such a busy (and fun) time! Saturday was errand day and just hanging out as a family.

I decided to make some cookies for Easter...Micah was the first to try the finished cookies and said, "I'm a mess"!

Drew's first swimsuit arrived in the mail on Friday, so we had to try it on...check out these thighs!!
On Sunday, after a sunrise service on the beach, we went to breakfast then on a whim, decided to head down to the zoo. It was so much fun!

We saved the egg hunt for after nap time, which it ended up misting and being super cold (by San Diego standards anyway), so it was a rushed hunt. Micah wasn't all that interested...maybe next year!
Drew had fun playing with the carrot-egg with jelly was like a homemade rattle! For those of you who read my post about Easter last year (check it out here), you know I was looking forward to Drew's first poem from my mom. Well, we got two!

To our little, doll baby, Dewey...
You make us laugh and we go ha ha,

You make us sing and we go la la,

You cry when you see us and we feel ___ ___

If you didn't figure it out, Drew's first Easter gift was a Blabla doll! How cute is that? Drew loved her new doll instantly! Here was the second one...

To our sweet little cupcake, Drewey...
Well, our eyes have twinkles,
And your thighs have wrinkles,
But you'll have funsie in your onesie from Sprinkles!

My mom said that she is now officially retired with the poems...I'm going to keep my fingers crossed that she comes out of retirement next year!

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