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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Wedding Cake Book

Hi all!  I have some fun and exciting news to share.  Awhile back, the ladies over at CAKE let me know that some of their cakes were going to be published in a book...the author contacted me for my information and then a lot of time went by with no word, and I honestly forgot about it!  But just this week we learned that the book was just published! 

The cake that I had at my baby shower for Drew is featured in the book! I worked with Kimberly on the design of the cake and I loved the way it turned out! Click here to see the post from my baby shower.

I haven't ordered my copy yet, but I can't wait to see it!  P.S. if you're in San Diego, the ladies at CAKE are fabulous...weddings, birthday, celebrations...and they even have a bakery now!  I always get the banana truffle cake, but they are all amazing! 

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