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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Micah's 1st planning!

It is hard to believe that my little man is going to be 1 in just two months. I am getting my creative juices a-flowin' and have started planning his birthday bash. Now I know this party is mostly more for me than him, but it is just too much fun.

Micah's 1st birthday will be a Camping theme. I mostly came to that decision because of my love of s'mores! What a better excuse than a birthday party to make s'mores in 70 degree weather? So, the camping theme has evolved. I've been all over the internet trying to piece together ideas and I have quite a few!

Favorite sites like Hostess With The Mostess and Etsy are getting lots of visits from me right now.

I'm going with earthy colors like brown, olive, khaki, aloe, and hints of harvest gold.

So far, here is what the plans are....
Food: hot dogs, baked beans, and salad served in recycled paper plates or aluminum plates for authenticy!

Dirt cups (crushed Oreo's, chocolate pudding and gummy worms) and campfire cupcakes

I'm having fun with the goodie bag...fake bugs, individual trail mix packets, flashlight keychains, glow sticks, and dehydrated ice cream! I need to make and/or find some cool labels for these bags.

For decor, I'm making a Camp Micah banner and I bought poms from Etsy! I'm trying to find sleeping bag material, but no luck so far. I'm looking for lanterns (even though it is a lunch party) and an outdoor cricket type CD.

That's where I'm at so far...

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