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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Our productive weekend

Wheeew, what a busy weekend...and man, was it a hot one! We had planned to go to the zoo in the evening on Saturday, but it was just too darn hot - so I was busy crafting away and getting the house ready for Drew's birthday party. I thought I'd share some of the fun things I've been working on.

I put the final touches on this huge canvas I did for Micah's room. Micah loves Dr. Seuss, and I love the title of this book. All that is left to do is to hang it up and find a cute globe to put on his dresser.

I decided to give our hallway a little pop of color. It is very pink. I was going for a raspberry, but all in all, I'm happy with it. You can also see a little sneak peek at the decor I started to put up for Drew's kitty cat party. Yarn poms are everywhere!!!

Here is a picture of our family calendar I just got from Paper Source. I put an open frame around it to make it a little more "stylish". It also serves as a place to set the Sharpies.

I also wanted to do a little sprucing up to our guest bathroom. I changed out the mirror to this black and gold one I found at Aaron Brothers (1/2 0ff), of all places. I added a little shelf for some fun decorative items from Anthropologie.

To tie in the hallway color, I did this little piece of art to add just a little pop in the room. I'm hoping to find some great brass piece soon for the wall...just waiting for something to jump out at me.

Lastly, we ended the weekend with our tradition of homemade soft pretzels and popcorn. My baby girl has started walking and has a new tooth coming in, so it has also been an eventful weekend as well! Hope everyone had a great weekend! Stay posted to see my finished dining room and more pictures of my projects for Drew's party!


Unknown said...

I love the wallpaper in your bathroom!!!!! Can you share where it's from? And the Dr Suess canvas is adorable!

daisy dreaming said...

Hi there! Thanks for the feedback! It's from
It's a highly addicting site...have fun!

alice q. said...

I need that pretzel recipe!

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