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Friday, March 18, 2011

Dining Room

I have been wanting to re-decorate my dining room for a VERY long time. Ever since we moved in, I never really liked it. It was just too rustic for my taste. I have slowly but surely been selling our current furniture on CraigsList to try to make a dent in my budget.

A lot of people don't use their formal dining room...but we do. I always host Thanksgiving and all the other family get-togethers. Plus, everyone walks by this room (it is right off the entry) to get to the main living space. There is no hiding it.

There are a few design dilemmas I've had to work around. First are our 30 foot ceilings. Second is the little "nook" space that is in the wall where the sideboard/buffet should go. Lastly, from the moment we moved in I never liked the slate I chose to go around the fireplace

I decided that my design aesthetic for this room would be a combination of retro (60's/70's) mixed with modern touches. I have diligently been on Craigs List just about every day for the last 6 months trying to find the perfect wing back chairs and lamps....and yes, I found them! Oh and if you've never heard of Craigs is a lifesaver! They need a little love, but they're going to be fab! More to come on those...

Here are some of the pieces I'm planning on getting:

West Elm rug, Anthropologie curtains, Mor (the most annoying commercials in the world, but, they have a big enough table for us) dining table, Anna Maria Horner fabric for accent chair

Our upholsterer comes on Saturday to pick up 9 chairs....yes, 9 chairs that he'll be re-upholstering for us. I'm going to be using my two wing back chairs from CL as my end chairs...I really want to upholster them in this beautiful raspberry color to bring some femininity to the space, but not sure I'm brave enough! May stick with a nice royal-navy blue to match the curtains. All the rest of the chairs are going to be cream.

More to come on the dining room!

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