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Friday, March 18, 2011

Happy Weekend!

The weekend is almost upon us! Hubby is home from traveling all week and I'm so excited to have some family time!

My baby girl, now 6 1/2 months (how did that happen?) has decided to cut her first two teeth and roll over all at once. She is already pushing up and trying to figure out how to bring those knees forward...uh oh. Not ready for this.

I'm really excited that a few new things are happening. First, the blog is under-going a long overdue facelift. I can't wait until we are ready to push it live. Second, my good friend Jen got engaged! Yay! Wedding is set for October. More to come on her wedding. Lastly, I have decided on a theme for Drew's big 1st birthday! Let the psycho-planning begin!

I came across a lovely blog called Me Oh My! via my daily visit to Made By Girl . She has such great inspiration for my home. From what I can tell, she lives in a "cookie cutter" home like we do. My challenges with our home is that there is no real personality to the house. She has done such a lovely job and gave me plenty of ideas!

Have a great weekend is supposed to rain in San Diego, but we are still managing to squeeze in a bbq with some good friends. Chao!

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