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Monday, January 9, 2012

DIY Butterfly shadow box

Happy January 2012! We have been busy bees over here while we've been on vacation. I recently did this quick craft for fun and I love the way it turned out. Trust me, it's super easy, quick, and doesn't cost very much (depending on how much you have at home already).

What you need is a shadow box (Michael's or Aaron Brothers are good places. I got mine at Michael's 50% off), a butterfly hole punch (mine is Martha Stewart from Michael's, again, 50% off with a coupon), and scrapbook paper. I bought a few different kinds, as I wasn't sure which combo I'd like the best.

The shadow box came with adhesive velcro, so that made the project even easier. It is also great because I can re-use in the future without any damage to it (i.e. glue).

Wah-lah! Here is the finished project!

More pictures to come soon, as Drew's room has SO many new fun things! Stay tuned...

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