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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

DOMINO's back!

Hi friends! I have to say, it was a sad, sad day a few years ago when Domino Magazine made the announcement that they would stop publishing their magazine. That was one of those magazines that I got giddy looking forward to it arriving in my mailbox every month. I know I am not the only one. Before there was ever Pinterest, I would tear out pages and pages of Domino and safe in my "inspiration" file folders (see a few examples below). Yes, I have their book, but I still missed the magazine. Matchbook (p.s. it's fab) the online magazine, is the closest thing I have gotten to my Domino fix since.

Many of you know that I took huge inspiration for Drew's nursery from a room I once saw in Domino. This was long before I was ever pregnant with Micah. Here is the actual page:

I had been a "fan" of Domino on Facebook, and one day recently I was checking FB, and I saw their post that they would be coming out with a special edition issue. I was SO excited. Here is their Facebook page and if you're on Twitter, their handle is @DominoMag. I found mine on Saturday at Target.

I highly recommend you grab one for yourself, if only just for the resources in the back! It gives great suggestions on some easy changes for big impact updates for your home. I was most excited to see they are planning a September issue as well! Yippee! Let me know if you got your Domino fix too!

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