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Monday, April 16, 2012

Family Photo Books

How much do you love Pinterest? I recently came across a "pin" that I knew I would do. I often pin all these ideas in my "DIY projects" board, just to tuck that idea away for the future. When I saw this one, I knew I would do it!

I have often wondered when I would start organizing all the 12,000+ pictures I have in our iPhoto. A big chunk of those pictures were taken this last year and since we had Micah. I came across this pin from A Thousand Words blogger, where you can check out her full post here. Inspiration overload! I immediately went to Since my M-F job is in the Publishing industry, I was really eager to check it out. I have used other book sites through Costco and Snapfish, but Blurb blows those away, in my opinion.

So, off I went. Every spare minute for a couple weeks I meticulously organized iPhoto into folders by year and added every picture that I liked in there. Those of you who have kids know that you get lots of good ones, but you can't frame all of them. This is a perfect solution.

I whipped out 3 books and even found a 20% off coupon code online! Woohoo! I decided to buy the iPhone/iPad version of our books too. Here are some pages...

I chose the 8x10 hardcover books. They really came out great! I started doing a Christmas letter with our cards two years ago, which summarizes our year, so I decided to put that in the introduction of each book. These are going to be a great addition to our wedding and engagement albums. also does Instagram albums, so once I get some more pictures, I'll probably do that too!

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