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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Micah's Big Boy Birthday Bash!

We recently celebrated Micah's 3rd Birthday by having a letter "B" themed party. Micah actually turned 3 on December 19th, but have learned to celebrate earlier in the month to make it easier on ourselves and our friend's calendars! So, here we go, it was the B-Birthday to the 3rd power.

I take themes pretty literally, so that meant my color scheme was blues, blacks, browns, and beige. I'm sure no one noticed, but I just couldn't deviate! I had this "balloon chandelier" hanging over our kitchen island where all the food was. I put a marble in each balloon to keep them hanging down. I used brown and white Divine Twine to hang then from the ceiling.

My Cricut really came in handy at this party. I used it for all the words on the wall as well as for the hanging "B's" I used everywhere. Once you get going, you really can't believe how many kid things start with the letter B. It really is a perfect theme for a 2-4 year old.

There's the birthday boy taking a break from all the bouncing!

Here is Drew still trying to figure out why all these people are in her house again!

Here is what we did for the lunch menu!

Here's the spread...anyone notice my Missoni bowls? :)

Micah and his best-bud Malcolm eating some lunch.

And we can't forget the desserts! Yum. I made everything but the birthday cake. That was provided by the fabulous girls over at Cake here in San Diego. I froze the leftovers (Banana Truffle) to enjoy at a later date!

You know that every party I always label the guest bathroom. For Micah's camp out party, it was the outhouse and for Drew's kitty cat party it was the litterbox. Couldn't resist this year again!

Whew, what a busy month it has been so far! Micah's party was so much fun...only bummer is of course, we didn't get a shot of him blowing out his candles or a family picture. Oh well, it was a very successful day none-the-less!

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