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Monday, December 19, 2011

My DIY mantle art projects

I really love getting my mantle all dolled up for Christmas. Everything this year was a DIY project that I dreamt up in my head. I'm really happy with the way it turned out! The only bummer is I didn't have time to get our new stockings embroidered with our names.

First up, was my idea to use all the doilies I've collected lately. I scored a bunch at the Santa Monica flea market a few months back (.50 cents each). I had some old wallpaper laying around that I just wrapped around a canvas. In the meantime, I used brown and gold spray paint from Home Depot. Warm up your glue gun and wah-lah! It was that easy! You may remember the doily art I did for Drew's room that you can see here or here.

Next up was a large canvas that I painted gold. I picked my favorite Christmas carol, O Holy Night to write out. I did it freehand with a white Sharpie paint pen. It didn't quite show up as bright as I'd like it, especially since my living room is so bright with natural light. I finished up with a brown Sharpie, and actually ended up liking the shadow effect it created.

Lastly, I wanted some pink and green incorporated somewhere, so I just drew these scallops and painted the colors in. I left a few blank and filled in with glue and glitter. Here is a close up shot. You can see they scallops aren't perfectly drawn (or painted for that matter), but I like the imperfections. If you missed my post on my DIY snowglobes, check it out here. These projects are so super easy, there is still time to squeeze in a few of these to make your Christmas decor extra fabulous! Have fun!


Karen said...

Did you make the Glitter Deer on the canvas or did you purchase that someplace?! I am in LOVE with it !!

daisy dreaming said...

Thanks Karen! Yes, I posted the instructions on Nov 30 or check it out here:

Have fun! It's super easy!

Ady Wright said...

oh my wow i love everything!

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